Literacy Volunteers at Centenary College

About Us

Since April 1984, Literacy Volunteers at Centenary College has served over 6,000 adults in our community who have literacy deficiencies by offering tutoring and instruction free of charge.  This is accomplished through Literacy Volunteers’ dedicated volunteer force of tutors, tutor trainers, board members, administrative support, and mentors.  Individuals, corporations, and foundations provide the means to execute programs and planning.  A study conducted by the ProLiteracy America (formerly Literacy Volunteers of America) concludes that every dollar spent in Literacy Volunteer’s programs generated between $15 – 30 dollars in the community through the increased skills students acquire.[1]  Centenary College provides Literacy Volunteers office and classroom facilities.

Literacy Volunteers at Centenary College is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization affiliated with ProLiteracy America, formerly the Literacy Volunteers of America, and in 2016-2017 served over 240 students.  Literacy Volunteers focuses on a collaborative, personalized learner-centered approach to teaching, whereby the student and tutor together determine goals and course of action.  The basic philosophy emphasizes a “whole language approach” – recognizing that people use their life experiences and knowledge of what makes sense when learning to read, write, and communicate.  Literacy Volunteers encourages instruction that focuses not only on improving reading skills, but also writing, grammar, listening and communication.  Literacy Volunteers’ tutors receive 12 hours of instruction from tutor trainers before being matched with a student on a one-to-one or small group basis.  Literacy Volunteers at Centenary College students have varied goals – such as increasing skills to:

--Expand career opportunities or find a job
--Read to children or grandchildren
--Help children with schoolwork
--Learn to read for pleasure or to further education
--Attain a GED certification
--Obtain United States citizenship.

[1] Literacy Volunteers of America Program Benefit Study, 2000.
Our Staff
Sue Lee
 Executive Director
Dorothy Dalton
Program Assistant